What Tools Inspire Your Writing?

Xeno Rainbow

When I first began writing, I didn’t have a favorite pen, location or even kind of paper. What appealed to me was the many surfaces on which one can write when inspiration hits; Napkins, paper plates, place mats, (and in some favorite Mexican restaurants, paper table coverings…”uh, hey we gotta take this…” always met with, no problemo!) sales receipts, blank sides of envelopes and that old standby, notebook paper. I was thrilled about sticky notes. I was even more thrilled about cut and paste on a computer. Then I was in heaven with the invention of net book computers! Small, light and portable!

But there comes a time when grabbing the case and all the electronic accouterments feels like a drag. (Where’s the jump drive with my only copy of my 400 page novel??? Where’s my charging cord?) And then, I’m having a bit of a full circle moment. Travel lighter.

Pen and paper. Basic.

I have new favorites. I used to not mind the spiral bound notebooks, mostly because a case of them could be had for about two bucks. After the first half dozen were full, and their bindings began catching on each other, I was in search of greener pages.

I am a huge fan of college ruled composition notebooks. I used to carry an enormous purse (translate: runaway bag) to accommodate a full sized notebook. In those days, I carried a whole writing retreat with me; word prompt books, inspiration photos, magazines, mp3 player with instrumental playlists (words complicate the writing process), notebooks and a complete stash of black bic sticks.

No matter where I found myself, I could write. All I needed to stick a pen tip to paper, was a pause. I used to live in such a way that I never knew what was going to happen next, so I was prepared for just about anything. I enjoyed writing outdoors most because it happened least.

I attended a special Christmas event two years ago,  with my roommate Kim at her family’s celebration. The Russells gave me a Christmas gift: a new journal and Xeno pens. Ooooooooooh! Xeno pens!!! It was a set of four black ink pens encased in metallic-looking green, red, white and blue. They’re my new favorite “inspirational” pens. And they come in shorts, full lengths and bright colors, black and blue ink.

little notebooksAdd to that, Xeno pens hooked up with cool little notebooks. Whenever I see these little beauties, I buy stacks of them. Check this out: Now no matter where I am, I can take a notebook with me. I can travel really light now. Ideas still run rampant in my mind but these days, but now I carry a smaller bag.

That was easy!

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  1. Suess says:

    Those are very cool pens! And the journal and sharpies you gave me are always close for when I get the urge to zendoodle . . .
    I like that your bag is small now; no more need for a big runaway bag . . .


    1. JEOcean says:

      Right? Life is good now. I can’t tell you how lucky I think I am. Sometime I have to show the difs. The pens are too darn fun!


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