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Juli Loves Jack & the big moon 046

I finished formatting Painting the Rain for Nook readers. It’s now available on for any e-reader, including Kindle. SO, if you’re thinking about grabbing your download, you have lots of ways to get it.

At this time, I’m formatting another book, The Great Divide, A Novelette. The text is completely finished and now the table of contents looms. It could go live as soon as this week… It’s my intent to offer the book free to Amazon Prime members through the holidays. I’ll keep you informed of how that’s going. I don’t know what the pricing structure will be if I do that. These little side stories are fun for me and I probably have quite a few floating around like radio waves looking for an ear. 

My west coast photographer will be sending some possible cover photos back soon and I can hardly wait to see them. I’ve already sent my idea files to her. Her photo is the back drop for this blog.

In case you wondered, and even if you didn’t, I am already working  on another novel, which will likely be a trilogy. Jack and I are writing it together. That’s the plan at any rate. I didn’t forget about you. I’ll be back. Thanks for stopping by!

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