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Butt in Chair, Fingers on Keys, Typing Away Madly
Butt in Chair, Fingers on Keys, Typing Away Madly

I’ve been missing in action. I should have warned you that my daughter (also a writer) was about to have the most beautiful (translation: first ever) grandson in the whole of my universe. I got sucked into Nani-hood (yes, I am waaaay too young for this.) We are smiling here and so enamored that I forgot about life outside this bubble.

My life has always been a bit of a whirlwind. Lucky for me, I’m married to a man who can handle the high and low tides of such an adventurous life.  Lots of positives lately. I also celebrated an anniversary with my husband and best friend (another writer), Jack. To be so loved is truly a blessing.

I was out there, doing summer, which is all too short in my book, especially here in the great Midwest. If ever I thought there was a time when people might not be paying attention to a blog, it’s summertime. Unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere. Please let me hear from you.

All that to say… I have been a less faithful blogger since I took up fiction writing. I’ve been trying to reconcile the two (blogging and fiction writing) as if they are split personalities of the same voice. What do I know? But, I realize how much I miss touching base with those 500 or less words a few times a month, and your insightful feedback.

Lately, I’ve been coming across some great information that I’d like to pass along to you, let you in on how I write, since I get a lot of questions about my process from various other writers and encourage you. I’m recommitting to writing here once a week (it could evolved to twice a week, fair warning). Also, this will be the place to find out when I’ll be doing book signings. (Still a hazy concept…) and this will gel at some near future point.

I have not failed to write, however. I have notebooks everywhere, slips of paper everywhere, and despite the summer whirlwind, have managed to finish another book, the first in a series, and get a novelette to paperback proof status. (The Great Divide: A Novelette should be available in paperback on Amazon by the end of September.)

In the meantime, BiCFoKTAM is my primary process. Doesn’t that look absolutely profane? It means But In Chair/ Fingers On Keys/Typing Away Madly. Show up to that page same time, everyday. Set a timer and write whatever comes into your head for twenty minutes. It’s a great warm up. Or, pretend you’re writing a letter to someone, your future self or your past self. While you’re laughing about BiCFoKTAM, write 500 words about why YOU want to be a writer. Go!

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