Why do you write?


Recently, I reconnected with a blogger friend of mine. We were talking about jobs and she asked if mine was fun or a bread and butter job. I knew what she meant. I call it the 925 even though it’s part time. Definitely b&b but it is also fun. It’s really even more than that, it’s a well of characters, a wealth of characters. New people always coming in, new names arriving daily. It keeps me moving and I don’t really have time to be bored there. In the lulls between various daily rushes, I think about my book(s). The other day one of my coworkers came into my department and told me she thought I had a glamorous job.Okay, of all my writer friends, I wonder does a single one of you view your own writing life as glamorous?
Certainly, bread and butter jobs have their advantages. But glamor is hardly among them.

“Here?” I asked.
“No, your writing job. I think it would be glamorous to be a writer.”
“Really, you think so?” I ask.
“Why? Don’t you?” she was walking away with a cup of water in one hand, looking over her shoulder. Maybe as opposed to data entry, or a call center, or collections or her job.
“No, I guess I don’t. It’s a solitary job and I’m stuck in a closet most of the time tapping keys.” I figured she’d keep heading off to her department. She didn’t. She came back.
“Well, I guess it’ll all be worth it for the glitz and glam of the book signings, then, huh?”
“I’ll let you know.” I smiled. That’s still something in the future for me.

It caused me to ask why do I write? What are my reasons for writing? I’ve been one of those people who wrote all the time since I can remember. It never really occurred to me that I was a writer because of that. I would find it difficult to stop.
Maybe you’re new to the writing game. I encourage you to write down measurable goals and your dreams for writing. Do you want to be published? How do you want to be published? Only a publishing house? Self-publish? After you get published, what then?
Maybe you like essays or article writing. Maybe you write amazing poetry. Maybe you write so you can record spoken word to share with friends and family. If you’re writing a book, do you think you have another book inside you? A series? Do you like telling stories?
How far do you want to go with your writing?
I will confess, that it would be a mind-blowing trip to make the NYT best seller list. And, I would like (another) one of my stories to become a film. Actually, a full-length feature movie. I was thrilled when my niece decided to turn my prize winning essay, Ghost of Christmas Past into a short film for her senior college project. (I had a different name then as you will see if you watch the flick. If you want to see it, check the link at the end of this post.)
But what are your dreams for your writing? I encourage you to write them down. Check your goals often, update them and create new ones. Whatever you do, never give up. Pursue the dream. You never know, you could end up with a glamorous writing life.

If you wondered about the short flick by Lindsey Leanne here it is. If it asks for a password, it is: whowillremember

This was her vision of a true story that happened to me many years ago. Maybe one day, I will republish it.

Who Will Remember?

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