The Care and Feeding of Dreams

Ocean of Dreams Josephine Wall
Ocean of Dreams Josephine Wall

Well, I’d be lying if I told you that I wasn’t more than a little bit proud of getting a writing gig at the very tail end of December. I met with a couple of musicians who were in need of brief biographies, one of them for an imminent website launch. (See the link for the finished bio at the end of this post.)

It was a pleasant surprise to be invited to the CD release party of a new rising singer songwriter. Giddy with excitement, it was all I thought about for hours until I finally arrived at the party location.

There is something really precious about seeing someone so young at the very beginning of their potential. She was hopeful and talented, grounded, gracious and professional. It inspired me, reverberated within me. She had a tribe of people in attendance who believed in her and she had an unwavering belief in herself.

And actually, being there shook up something else in me.

In the recent past, I’d wondered at some of the directions I’d found myself going. Dare I say, not so hopeful, dark, dystopian and even… jaded. (GASP!) I didn’t used to be like that. I never wanted to become that way. My motto used to be, girls just want to have fun. Somewhere along the way, insidiously, that sentiment took a back seat. Living or working in a negative environment can be draining to the point that you’re ready to trade in your dreams for one sunny day.

Life is funny, though, and it seems true nature is always at work trying to reveal who we really are. It’s sad that sometimes we forget and need reminding. And it’s just huge when the reminders come in like joy parade. Encouraging friends, or relatives or acquaintances.

After significant changes in my life a few short years ago, my writing got back on track and I thought my skies looked a lot brighter. I felt happier. Things were beginning to click.

But compared to this new artist, I felt like Dorothy in the black and white world before entering the amazing land of Oz. When I left the party, I felt like I’d been handed my own slice of Technicolor pie. Here, feast your dream on this!!! I remembered another motto I once held dear, Dream Big. It’s free!

Being at the CD release party was like swimming in an Ocean of positivity. I’ve been on a cloud, smiling, happy for a few days and it took me a while to realize, I haven’t been surrounding myself with enough creative, positively expressive people and I miss it. I like being around people who aren’t afraid to dream gigantic dreams, people who are shooting high. They’re so much fun. And, I guess, I’m back to girls just want to have fun.

I’m looking forward to the new year and a lot more creative people to share it with.

By the way, check out the Bio on Hope you’re dreaming up a great New Year!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. JEOcean says:

    I agree Phinz! To a truly Happier New Year!


  2. Suess says:

    Well, YOU inspired me just reading this! It’s so very true, we can easily become mired in negativity without really knowing it. And when we are brought face to face with it, first it’s uncomfortable, then it’s like, “This is crap and must STOP!”
    Like you, I vow to BE happier and be a person others look to for fun and positivity.
    Otherwise, what’s the point?!


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