I’ve worked various jobs in many fields an artist, bill collector, cocktail waitress, food slinger, and office worker, which allowed me to accumulate a wide range of experiences.

What I have come to realize is that there’s always one person who can bring a team up and usually one that does the opposite. Having lived in various points in the U.S. I’ve spent time with all kinds of people. Some incredibly poor, some amazingly wealthy. I have been in the homes of both and various levels in between.

A word can change the direction of an entire day. I have known this since struggling with attitude and positivity since my 20’s. Those days are far behind me now and in a world that doesn’t offer enough encouragement, it is my desire and my goal to be the fountain of encouragement.

If you need your head lifted, your heart cheered, a smile on your lips, I hope you find it here. If you run onto something that you think would uplift our community, please contact me, or share in comments. I welcome hearing from you.


Please let me hear from you. I write back!

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