Little Steps Big Results

Years ago, amid reading a ton of books, I came across one of the most prolific new authors I ever had the pleasure to read. A Google search revealed she’d written a dozen books. She had a sharp website, a social media platform that reached around the world, and everywhere I looked, there she was….

Dusting Off Trunk Books

It surprises most people to find out that ghostwriting is “a thing.” But truthfully, most celebrities, politicians, and entertainers don’t have time to write a book. You don’t have to be in that crowd to write one. There are loads of fascinating stories out there that want to be told. Maybe yours is one of…

Living Sooner

Mila, a devoted wife and mother of adult children found herself late in life the caretaker of her aging and mentally deteriorating husband. Although the children visited as often as they could, naturally the bulk of the time spent caring for him fell to her. Despite her being pleasant and accommodating, he was often demanding…

When Little Things Matter

Hey, thanks for stopping to read this. I’ve been a little sporadic lately, the posts haven’t been going up twice a month as I had promised. And for that, I apologize. Like millions of other people, I did my level best to be bullet-proof. But I’m not. It really hit me after graduation. It’s like…


I expected that over the following months, there would be a number of reality shifts.

Feeding Your Dreams

It in August almost two years ago when I mentioned here that I wanted to go to the beach. Within a few days, a girlfriend invited me to go with her and her kids. My mind ran wild with joy as I packed a suitcase. She called back later apologetic, and withdrew the invitation, promising…

Powering Through

One summer, my husband I bought a Kayak. I’d done a lot of research and found an inflatable one with excellent reviews that fit our budget and space constraints. We had both canoed before, and Jack had once owned a sailboat. A kayak is a little different, and an inflatable differs from a hard body….

The Astounding Effect of Little Changes

As bored summer kids in Sterling, Ohio, my brother and I used set pennies on the railroad tracks. The train would flatten them out and stretch them commensurate with the number of cars that ran over them. The grownups who learned of our adventure discouraged us because of the possibility that anything on a track—even something as small…

In-Between: The Importance of Middle Ground

There always seems to be a long gap between the last thing we want to do and the next thing we want to do. A gap that many of us (myself especially) would choose to close in a hurry. Getting from high school to college; from college to that first career-starting job; from being single…

Are You On the Road to Success?

While driving back from an appointment, I got trapped in a pocket of cars going slightly under the speed limit. If I stayed with it, I would not be able to move over and would miss my exit. If I missed my turn off, it would be two more exits before I could turn around,…

The Big Pay Off of Small Sacrifices

Aaron was working a full-time job as a sound engineer when he decided to pursue his interest in audiobook narration. He had a great deal of recording studio experience doing voice-overs, commercials, and even a few local audiobook narrators. Coupled with his deep love of books, audiobook narration seemed a natural outgrowth of two loves….

The Rarified Air of Celebrity

Recently, some local magazines interviewed my husband regarding a play that he’s directing. I’m happy for him. It’s his first musical in years, and he’s thrilled to pieces with the cast. And while he’s having a great time, there are a few of them just as enamored to be working along-side someone of his decades-long experience….