Juli Ocean Columbus Freelance Writer


I’ve worked in various job categories from food service to the mortgage industry. I understand the lingo of artists, bill collectors, food slingers, grocery & natural food stores, mortgage brokers and my passion is Health & Wellness. If you’re interested in a professional writer for your business, you can peruse my Portfolio or connect for a chat.

I have a deep respect for the power of words. A word can change the direction of an entire day. More often than we know, they contain the power to change a life. I’ve come to realize the power in our word choices and this led me to a career as a wordsmith.

Let’s connect and talk through your project idea. Julioceans.of.ink@gmail.com or complete the Contact page.

If you need your head lifted, your heart cheered, or a smile on your lips, take a peek at my blog. Having spent time in many cities and towns across the country, I’ve talked with all kinds of people. Some painfully poor, some amazingly wealthy. I’ve been in the homes of both and many shadings in between. And it doesn’t matter where you are in life, race, station, geographic location, everyone can use a little encouragement.

If you discover something that you think would uplift our community, we welcome hearing about it through comments on the blog page.



Please let me hear from you. I write back!

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