Juli Ocean Columbus Freelance Writer


What’s your story? Are you…

A busy professional at the top of your game? You know a book could position you as an expert, thought leader, and open doors. Your industry insights could open doors that lead to speaking engagements, consulting gigs, or even become a stream of income.

Someone who has a story to share that could change or impact many lives? Your experience is noteworthy, inspiring or impactful and would resonate with many readers. Sitting on a great idea too long could mean that you miss golden opportunities.

Burning with an idea that no one has discovered yet? Wanting to record family history? Always wanted to write a memoir? Your story will impact lives.

Unable to spare approximately 500 hours it takes to write a book? Which doesn’t include the time it takes to learn how to write well.

Unsure how or where to begin? Whether you’ve already started your book, only jotted aCover Who needs a GW few notes or hate writing with a passion, I can help you get your story out to the world. Your story, told your way.

As a former Amazon reviewer, I’ve read and reviewed hundreds of books. I understand how stories are put together and how to keep readers engaged. If you’re interested in harnessing my years of writing experience for your book, let’s connect. We can talk through your project idea and find out what it takes to get started.

Or download this free e-book Who Needs a Ghostwriter?

A few of my clients will be happy to speak with you if you’d like references. Look over my LinkedIn profile, peruse my Portfolio or binge on my blog.

Julioceans.of.ink[at]gmail[dot]com or complete the Contact page.



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  1. You are an Inspiration to me!


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