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Your book is a smart business investment and positions you as an expert and thought leader in your field. You understand that your book will be a valuable asset, not only as a sales and marketing tool but will earn you respect and recognition. Your book opens doors to consulting gigs and speaking engagements.

What is your story? Are you…

A busy, educated professional at the top of your game?

Someone who has a story to share that could change or impact many lives?

Burning with an idea that no one has discovered yet?

If you’re unable to spare the hundreds of hours it takes to write a book, or don’t know how or where to begin, let’s talk. Email me to set up a free consultation. Simply put “Set up Free Consultation”  in the subject line with your contact information.

Maybe you’ve already started your book and keep getting stuck in the same place. Have you jotted a few notes or hate writing with a passion? By hiring me, I’ll do what I love to do so you can focus on what you love to do. Together, we’ll get your name on the cover and make your book a reality. Your story told in your voice, your way.

Cover Who needs a GW

I understand how stories are put together and how to keep readers engaged. If you’re interested in benefiting from my years of experience, let’s connect.

We can talk through your project idea and talk through the simple steps it takes to get started, with a no-fail plan to accomplish your book.

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A few of my clients will be happy to speak with you if you’d like references. Look over my LinkedIn profile, peruse my Portfolio or binge on my blog.

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