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Your book deserves top-shelf treatment. As a smart business investment, it positions you as an expert and thought leader in your field. A book can be a valuable asset, not only as marketing tool but earning you respect and recognition. Your book opens doors to consulting gigs, speaking engagements, and exciting new opportunities–and you want it to reflect the industry standards that publishers, peers, and potential clients will take seriously. You want an industry insider that knows how to position your book for success.


What some clients are saying…

Juli’s skills are superior. I’m certain her invaluable work on my 320-page book contributed significantly to its selection as a 2009 Christian Choice Book Award winner within months of its publication. As a first-time author, this is a rare honor for which I owe Juli the highest praise. Besides brilliant editing abilities, she was considerate of deadlines without sacrificing excellence. Readers say that my book is “lyrical,” “easy to read” and “flows well.” I wouldn’t hesitate to call on her expertise again. ~ Nonfiction Author

I found Juli to be gracious, organized and punctual. I appreciated her attention to detail and capturing the right tone. She made working together simple and I’d do it all again. ~Nonfiction Author

Juli provided great guidance and helped me stay focus to complete my first creative writing project. ~Fiction Author

Juli is amazing! Talking with her feels like we have known each other for years. She listens to what I say as well as what I don’t say. Her writing makes things clear and concise and it does not feel or sound like someone else’s voice… She is a real professional. ~ Life Coach, Owner

She has an uncanny ability to take the spoken word and “at ease” discussions and make that come alive in the writing. ~ G.M.

In addition to her friendly personality, she is a highly professional person who knows what she is doing. I enjoyed every single stage of my work with her. I highly recommend working with her. ~Online Business Coach

Whether you’ve finished your manuscript or only have a few notes, together, we will complete your book so that it gets the attention it deserves in the marketplace.

Your story told in your voice, your way. Your name on the cover. You get all the credit. I’ll fade into the background and it can be our little secret.

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