Never Give Up Following Your Dream

Small startups can be slow and frustrating. But by staying true to your vision and watching your words, you can reap unexpected rewards.

The Big Pay Off of Small Sacrifices

Aaron was working a full-time job as a sound engineer when he decided to pursue his interest in audiobook narration. He had a great deal of recording studio experience doing voice-overs, commercials, and even a few local audiobook narrators. Coupled with his deep love of books, audiobook narration seemed a natural outgrowth of two loves….

Recasting Inglorious Moments

Like most people, I like to find a groove and pretty much stay there. When I feel moved to do so, when all the stars align just so, maybe learn something new. And, like most people, I’m comfortable sticking to a pretty sedate routine. Then suddenly, I found myself catapulted into an unfamiliar situation I didn’t…

The Beginning is Near

Karen was a vibrant and passionate young woman until she began suffering from debilitating migraines. They often hit out of nowhere and when they did, she would spend days in a darkened room immobilized, sleeping or waiting for them to pass. Medications barely made a dent in the pain. Additionally, Karen’s home life was painful….

The Faith to Leap

April worked part-time at an on-site gig with people she liked, but she didn’t dig every part of the job. She had managed to pinpoint exactly the problem: her clients had insisted on using old-school techniques but expected better results than she could possibly deliver with them. After a year, April knew she had to…

The Greatness in a Seed

Some years ago, when I lived in the country, I planted a garden. At the time, I wanted my daughter to see how amazing a garden can be. To watch vegetables evolve. To witness seeds sprouting, growing into frail seedlings become strong plants fruit-bearing plants. We rented a farmhouse and the landlord pointed out a nearby…

Getting Your Self-Talk Straight

How is your New Year starting out? Are you making progress on your goals? Whether you’re succeeding or failing, what is your self-talk? Self-talk is what you say to yourself about yourself. The inner dialog that you believe about you. People can be kind and loving toward others, but when it comes to themselves, not so much….

Once in a Lifetime Trip

Two families dream and save for the trip of a lifetime. They both want to go spend time by the ocean, enjoying the beach and warm weather. They plan to stay in a 5-star resort hotel and see the sights, go dancing, have exotic dinners and snag a few souvenirs. Both families leave the same…

How Ready Are You for the Grand Finale?

The End of the World predictions made another tour on tongues around the globe recently. It seems every so many years, we hear about the most recent reasons why the end is imminent. Despite current events, now isn’t the darkest time in world history. But according to the keepers of the doomsday clock,  we’re only…