If Someone Saved A Life Tonight

I’d be remiss in talking about being upbeat and positive if I didn’t touch on the subject caused by recent celebrities who have taken their lives. One late night a few years ago, an acquaintance seemed perilously close to taking her life. I thought about that night a lot afterward. Here’s what came out of it….

Strengths are Your Keys to a Brighter Future

When I was a single mom, I used to hang out with a lot of single moms. What I learned very quickly was how inadequate we all felt trying to be mother and father to our kids. It left us feeling exhausted, downhearted and frustrated. No matter how much we tried, being a dad was every single…

Are You On the Road to Success?

While driving back from an appointment, I got trapped in a pocket of cars going slightly under the speed limit. If I stayed with it, I would not be able to move over and would miss my exit. If I missed my turn off, it would be two more exits before I could turn around,…

How to Be Your Own Cheerleader

I knew a young woman I’ll call Kiah. Kiah was very different from most young women I knew, in that she was confident in her singlehood. Nothing seemed to ruffle her. She didn’t go chasing after men to date. Didn’t have a string of boyfriends. She didn’t compromise her beliefs. She spoke about the kind…

How A Pen Can Help You Reach Your Ultimate Goal

This morning I was thinking about you. In my mind you were happy, healthy, healed in body and mind. You were doing what you loved, well off, and surrounded by people who love and respect you. Everything you touched worked out for you and you were riding an enormous wave of success. You were also very…

What I Learned from Crossing the Chicken Line

A bold and beautiful friend of mine said an angel spoke to her when she was just a little girl and laid out the divine call on her life. She feels led to share God’s love with people who don’t know it and prays to change the course of their lives. It might be the…

You Are Not Your Past

Your can succeed no matter where you come from, no matter what you’ve been through and no matter what past you’ve left behind.

Never Give Up Following Your Dream

Small startups can be slow and frustrating. But by staying true to your vision and watching your words, you can reap unexpected rewards.

Chasing the Blues Away: 9 Ideas to Lift Your Spirits

Have you ever had days that you just felt blue? Your transmission blows out, you overspend, you’re out of coffee, get a bad review, someone gets the job you want or maybe for no reason you have a pervasive feeling of sadness you just can’t shake. Sometimes it’s too many cloudy days, maybe a bad…

The Big Pay Off of Small Sacrifices

Aaron was working a full-time job as a sound engineer when he decided to pursue his interest in audiobook narration. He had a great deal of recording studio experience doing voice-overs, commercials, and even a few local audiobook narrators. Coupled with his deep love of books, audiobook narration seemed a natural outgrowth of two loves….

When I find a good thing

It wasn’t that long ago that I shared a review with you about a J!GMO digital voice recorder. But when I find a great product, I can’t keep it all to myself. The newest J!GMO JVR-31 comes in a nice sturdy box pressed into form-fitting foam to keep the unit from getting damaged in shipment….