Festival of Lights

Whether you’re celebrating truth or legend, may light shine upon you.

Giving Thanks

I just wanted to give thanks to you… For showing up here to read these posts. I know you’ve got a full life, an overfull life. And when things are going great, it’s manageable. It doesn’t take much for the one more thing to throw everything else off. That’s when things fall off the calendar,…

Remember Where You Came From

Some of the simplest people have accomplished the most amazing feats. They were just people, like you and me. They started out tiny and helpless and knowing nothing at all. Clean slate. Blank canvases. Just like us. Because we can’t see into the future, we don’t know what level of greatness we are called to….

Feeling the Heat

I hope your summer is going better than planned. With longer days, the workload has been ramping up as well–and that’s not a complaint. Also with extended daylight, I’m inclined to go out and enjoy the company of others. Last week I overheard someone say that though it’s just now July, for them, summer is…

How Do You Measure Your Gratitude?

Thanksgiving is months away, and in reality, one day isn’t enough to consider all the ways you’re blessed. Even though I intentionally live in a state of gratitude and thankfulness, so many things slip between the cracks. Most people can tick of the quick list of things to be grateful for: friends and family, our…