Happy Thanksgiving!

Juli Ocean can make writing your book fun, insightful and as pain-free. as possible. You'll be grateful you contacted Juli to help you write your story.

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  1. Child Of God says:

    Happy Thanksgiving sweetie, I hope you had a very blessed one with your husband and family.

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    1. JEOcean says:

      This year was unlike any other. I celebrated with my sister and her husband (http://anitawjones.com/index.html0, my daughter (https://memphisandleftysfork.com/) and her family, then with our home group, with some amazing musicians, voice artists (http://www.voicing.expert/) and authors (https://www.amazon.com/Making-Princess-Warrior-Bonnie-Hoffman/dp/1984060813)
      yesterday a romantic dinner with just my husband (https://www.amazon.com/Jack-Petersen/e/B00HFEKTLO). I was truly thankful for the place in which I find myself, so much talent and love. I hope your holiday was equally blessed, my friend.

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    2. Child Of God says:

      Beautiful.We had it today with friends a very good dsy but I missed my girl and grandkids.


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